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The Dead New York

Inspired by true events, THE DEAD NEW YORK tells the story of a police officer who grows disillusioned with stop-and-frisk quotas and the downgrading of major crimes. When he speaks out, he’s met with forceful retaliation from a commanding officer who’s intent on taking him down. 


The play asks, what sacrifices are we willing to make to keep the Dead New York—the crime-infected city of the 70s and 80s—buried? 

The Cloud

A mistaken-identity comedy about a couple who exchange passwords and impersonate each other online. THE CLOUD explores changing notions of privacy and intimacy in the age of social media, conjuring up a theatrical space in which all the www is a stage.

The Bedtrick

An act of trickery in the bedroom shadows the lives of a family trying to escape a cycle of revenge.  The Bedtrick is a story of love, sex, violence--and fate.

Pamela Precious, A Balls Out Love Story

Two high school teachers become locked in an interneceine battle over the love of a fellow educator in this Jacobean-inspred farce that takes place over the course of single afternoon.

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